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How to Shop at Thrift Stores


I not do  only to I “00h” and “aww” over puppies, but honey I go crazy over a good thrift-shop. I’ve been wearing thrift-store clothes  way before it was cool. So here a few tricks and tips  for beginner thrift-shopper.


Dressing Room Wearing something simple like flats and a tank top ,so you can try items on as you go .

One size to big… make it work! you can find amazing things amazing thing that may just need slight alterations or repair to make them work.

Keep an open mind Buy piece that you can play with,for example you might find a dress that would better as a a two .

The early gets the worm !I  suggest getting  in good with the sales people who can give you the day and time  of when  the good stuff come in .




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- XOXO, Wasidah


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