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4 Best Low-Cal Cocktails for Day Drinking..

 4 Best  Low-Cal Cocktails for Day Drinking..

I have the most amazing time celebrating women’s international day at Ketel One Vodka Celebrates the  legacy of “the king with Launch of ” Arnold Palmer Collector’s Edition” Bottle.The Arnold Collector Edition Bottle reads,” Dear Mr.Palmer,This  one for you”. Ketel One has always been my absolute.


 COSMOPOLITAN 1 1/2 oz Ketel One Vodka 1 oz fresh lime juice 1 oz Cranberry juice Glass :Martini Garnish :Sugar /Orange peel Method :Shake and strain. Calories 82.

Vodka  Lime 1 1/2 oz Ketel One  2oz Club Soda 2 Lime Wedges Glass :Rocks Garnish :Lime Method : Serve over ice Squeeze over ice and drop limes into drink and stir .calories 74

WILD WATERMELON 1 1/2 oz Ketal ONE  original Watermelon chunks Splash go lemon juice Glass :Martin Method :Muddle shake ,serve calories 85

Blended RASPBERRY COCKTAIL 1/2 cup or several ice cubes 8 ounces  Minute  Maid Light Raspberry Passion 1 1/2 ounces kettle One  vodka Combine ingredients in a blender. Garnish with several fresh raspberries. calories 115.



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