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4 type of girlFriends Every Women Needs

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Hey Dolls,

Not sure about you, but a girl like me would just die without my good girlfriends, lol! The nice thing is that all my besties are very different in many ways. A couple of them are very calm, cool and collected and seem to always have it under control… unlike myself who always winds up in the rat race! The best part of having such a diverse group of girlfriends is that you can add so much to one another’s lives and push each other to grow. Because at the end of the day, each and everyone of one them serves a certain purpose in my life, and I’m truly blessed to have them. So here’s a the 4 types of girlfriends every doll should have:

  1. The boss babe is usually someone you look up to. They may be in your industry or maybe they run their own company. Either way, they’re good at coming up with great ideas and can help pull out the best in you when it comes to your career.
  2. Give it to me straight. This is the friend that can and will tell you how it is and will not always take your side if you’re in the wrong. Whether you like it or not, they give it to you straight, no chaser. I probably value this friend the most because we all need a wake call sometimes.
  3. The party girl. Sometimes life can be rough – breakups, job drama, etc., and you just need a good party or a glass of wine to help get through it all and get yourself back  in the game! This  friend is perfect for those situations, becaus she always knows where to go to have fun.
  4. Spiritual sister. This girl is very relaxed and probably goes to yoga three or four times a week and maybe even church on Sunday. She’s always there to guide you in a gentle way. She’s also a great listener. She shows her love and affection through meditating or praying with you or inviting you to a yoga class because she’s all about healing from the inside.

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