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4 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

Hey Dolls,

It’s no secret that sugar can be a serious problem, especially when one is trying to drop weight. The crazy part for me is that working out is easy, eating clean is no problem, but dropping sugar completely is tough! So here is a list of kickass ways to kick sugar…

  1. Never skip meals! Meal-skipping can fire up sugar cravings and lower bloods sugar levels, causing you to overeat the rest of the day. I suggest eating 5 times a day .
  2. Understanding Why and When you crave sugar.Maybe you’re like me, and you crave sugar right before dinner. Or maybe you crave mid-morning donuts. I suggest keeping a close track of what you’re eating for a week or more. Once you find out this info, pick a healthy snack to address your cravings.
  3. Dring more water! Dehydration will for sure spike up cravings for sugar and junk food, not to mention the fact that a lack of water can lead to a cranky midday slump.
  4. Take supplements. I was never big on taking pills, but between getting older and training super hard, multivitamins became a must. Supplements such as vitamins D and calcium can help lower cravings and promote weight loss.

P.S. Remember Dolls – shoes, not sugar!




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