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5 Reason to Ditch Dairy ..!!


Hey guys not sure about you but as much as I love myself some butter pecan ice cream or  the occasional wine and cheese night,my body just doesn’t seem to feel the same way.I started  to noticing a big difference in the way my body processed dairy about 10 years ago.   For example a simple cup  of yogurt would cause me bloating or a breakout on my face all places .

1.Linked to chronic diesases like osteoporosis,heart disease ,diabetes,etc.

2.Calcium from milk is poorly absorbed compared to plant-based calcium.

3.Lactose doesn’t digest properly leaving people chronically bloated,gassy sick.

5.Can make losing weight different due to high  saturated fat & cholesterol disease risk.

P.S.There are much tastier alternatives like coconut & almond based milks & yogurts.

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