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The 5 Rules to Beginning a Healthy Lifestyle

5 rules

Here are five ways to help you stay focused on your journey to a new lifestyle…

  1. Be proud of yourself for starting. I’m sure you could be doing a lot of other things besides working out or prepping meals today. Remember nothing happens overnight! You may have times when you slip and eat the wrong thing or miss a workout, but tomorrow’s a new day.
  2. Whether you realize it or not, your results will come from when you choose your meals more wisely. Working out is a plus, but eating right is where most people miss out.
  3. Having a cheat  meal plays a major part in losing weight and building the  body that you want. Not only is a cheat meal emotionally satisfying, but it could also stop your body from plateauing.
  4. Believe it or not, it helps a lot when you plan you’re workouts ahead. Create a kickin’ playlist, buy yourself a fabulous outfit, and decide what you are going to do in the gym that day.
  5. This is a very simple but important rule: remember you’re doing this for you!

P.S. Remember Doll,  you are perfect the way you are! Your goal should be to work on becoming a better you.

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