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5 Fabulous Things To Do Before You Get Married


5 Things to do before marriagePlanning to tie the know anytime soon? Well before you do, here’s my take on the 5 things every woman should do before getting married.

  1. Go on a blind date.
  2. Figure out what turns you on.
  3. Learn how to be alone – this is so important! Buy  yourself flowers once a week. Remember, YOU are in control of your happiness.
  4. Learn how to grow from your disagreements. After 6 months of amazing dates, my future husband and I had a heated argument which in the end helped me get a better understanding of who he is.
  5. Take a vacation alone. Traveling is not something you need to do with a group, or even a partner. In fact, it’s often even better when done alone. Traveling alone may be a scary thought at first, but you’ll find it very rewarding once you get over the fear or apprehension you may have about spending a block of time by yourself.

Did I miss anything? What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

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