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5 Tips For Getting Through A Difficult Childbirth

Last week, I had the most amazing (and challenging) experience!  I helped birth a child who I’m sure will be one of the world’s next greatest leaders! From the look on her tiny face, little Miss Victoria is here to win!

She came into the world with a bit of a struggle, but she pushed right through once she heard the voice of her mother and felt the presence of her father.
I’m SO proud of Victoria’s parents for really teaming up and holding space for one another. Many can things go wrong during childbirth, so prayer, patience, and faith are definitely needed.

This birth was an emotional one for me. 😢  The mother and I only met recently, but we had a strong connection from the beginning and she was excited to meet her new bundle of joy.

Without giving too much away, I’ll say that things didn’t go according to plan, which was both frightening and disappointing. Six hours of labor can cause a lot of stress and sadness. I give honor-praise to her and her husband’s strength and I thank God for my Doula Sisters who prayed for this precious baby girl. 🤰🏾❤


Five lessons I walked away with:

1. Childbirth is really a team sport– you not only need a team, but your very BEST players to secure the win.

2. It’s important to have a plan … but be flexible. It really does take a number of different steps to make things work smoothly. The most important thing is a healthy baby and a healthy mommy!

3. Having dad in the room is a pretty dope thing. They represent strength, and even when they’re just standing there touching the mom, the mom feels 10x more supported!

4. Prayer works.

5. Doctors don’t know everything. I’m very grateful for my lactation (breastfeeding) training! Often, the hospital staffers don’t give parents the support to successfully breastfeed.