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All About the Eyebrows

All About Eyebrows

Not  sure about you dolls, but I love how a great pair of eyebrows can give my face such a polished look. Whether I’m wearing workout clothes or attending a special event, my eyebrows always must be on FLEEK, lol! So here is a list of my favorite eyebrow makeup products from my all-time favorite brand: Anastasia Beverly Hills.


  1. I start off with the DipBrow Pomade to fill in empty spots. It’s perfect whether you’re going for a light, soft look or a more dramatic look.
  2. The Brow Wiz is a lifesaver for giving shape.
  3. Pro Pencil is a full-coverage pencil that effectively conceals unwanted brow hair as it grows in.
  4. The perfect finishing touch is the Beauty Genius which keeps everything in place.

P.S. Remember doll,  a little lipgloss paired with clean crisp eyebrows can go a long way!

- XOXO, Wasidah

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