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Are you more that your hair ??

Over the weekend  a girlfriend called me up sounding sad and lacking confidence in her new natural hairdo. Her  hair had grown to the middle of her back and was now curly, bushy, kinky and strong which she was super happy about,  But unhappy about how she looked in the mirror without her long sexy weave. So we started talking about how uncomfortable she was in her own skin. She explain to me how sexy and glamorous she felt. Which led us to another conversation about why as a people  do we lack self love and have issues with our self image from our complexion to our hair texture to our body shape.
I have been a lover of many  different hair styles from naturals, braids to weaves down my back, and received a different reactions  from each one   . I’ve also suffered from the concern of what people would say when I change to a particular style. But I’ve come to realize that what matters most is what I like, what I am comfortable with and what makes me happy.


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