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Bored? Have lots of SEX!

Quarantined but need to burn off calories and keep yourself busy? Here are 6 ways to stay fit without gaining 50 pounds.


1. If you’re married or boo’ed up during this quarantine, have sex– lots of it. Orgasms can burn anywhere from 50 to 100 calories which is equal to a small glass of wine.

2. Many of you are planning to attend a BUNCH of parties to make up for these last few months of isolation so why not practice your dance moves now? 💃🏿💃🏿

3. Let’s face it, by the time we are outside again it will be Spring. Put away those winter coats and chunky sweaters. It’s time to break out those mini skirts and open-toe shoes.

4. Spiritual baths have the power to relax, calm, and get rid of negative energy. Bath

spells have existed since the earliest times as vehicles of purification of the body and mind. Salts, herbs and essential oils usually make up the ingredients that will provide healing properties during a ritual bath.

5. Don’t forget to do your morning cardio. Check out some of the new fun and challenging classes on Instagram that will leave you breathless. In fact, here’s a whole list of interesting freebies to check out.

6. Last thing? My new obsession is making healthy soups to keep my immune and respiratory systems happy and healthy.