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Change your mind change your body!!

many of you may not know this, but working out started out as a hobby of mine when I was 21. All I wanted was flatter abs, because I was satisfied with the body I had.
My goal of flatter abs actually led to a more fit and toned body overall.
It later on led me to a new career that I am passionate about  because it allows me to help people through my knowledge of health and fitness.
This summer I decided to take my fitness to another level by competing in an NPC grand prix show. I must say for the first time I felt extremely challenged.  My workouts were no longer just about fun, but were focused on transforming specific muscle groups or burning a specific number of calories. From the strict diet which required portions to be measured out and the 5 AM cardio workouts my mindset had totally changed.
I will say I appreciate this experience for many reasons, but the biggest one is my new empathy for clients who are starting on a fitness regimen for the first time. At the end of the day the focus, discipline and dedication all boil down to your mind and your ability to commit.

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