Childbirth is a marathon, not a sprint

Recently, I was reading an article about how women of today have to face different childbirth and infertility issues than our parents and grandparents. This reminded me about a few things I learned in my doula training. I mean, since I’ve been a part of Latham Thomas’ doula training workshop, I’ve been learning a ton of new things about childbirth. Did you know that women are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have in their life? Crazy, right? Over time, as we get older, we lose more and more eggs naturally. When you think about it that way, it gives you a whole new perspective on health. Your day to day decisions about health and wellness not only affect how many eggs you keep but the health of those eggs. People always start eating better after they get pregnant but you really need to be healthy all the time to keep your eggs as healthy as they can be. Another aspect of childbirth that people don’t think much about is the health of the man. Yeah, it’s your egg but his sperm is 50% of the equation and if he ain’t healthy, the quality of his sperm could suffer, which could affect your child. Honestly, both of you should be eating right and taking care of your bodies at least a year before even trying to conceive. Or, better yet, just stay healthy all the time! You’ll feel better, look better and, best of all, you’ll be giving your baby-to-be the best possible chance at a great start.

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