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COVID-19 Sale!

Due to my petite size, I can pick up weight pretty fast, but sometimes I don’t even notice because it goes straight to what some people call the “right places” — ass, thighs, and tits🍑  lol! Now, before you guys say, “I never noticed you gain weight,” well, of course you didn’t! Like most people, I don’t post any of the pictures I don’t like, lol 🤦🏾‍♀️😂. Or I just wear all black.

Anyway, this year has come with many struggles. Because of my age, getting the weight off is not as easy as it was when I was in my 20s. I can see that my 40s will take a lot more work. I’ve had to change my diet, get more rest, and switch up my workouts. If you know anything about me, then you know that once I set my mind on something it’s a must that I get it done, whether it’s losing weight or going on vacation.

I pretty much just asses the problem and then move forward with a plan of action.💪🏾  So, recently, I took it back to the basics. Running in the park is something that I absolutely have a love-hate relationship with, but it’s a perfect way to drop some weight. Plus, resistance bands are a great way to stretch, strengthen, and build muscle. As a way to keep myself and my clients healthy, I give each of them their own resistance bands, jump ropes, mat, mask and gloves. This allows me to properly clean everything.

Also, as a way to help people push through all that we’re going through COVID-19, I’ve decided to come up with some packages and prices that are more affordable and accessible.

It’s always been quite bothersome to me that doulas and personal trainers and even education around health and nutrition have been priced for the wealthy. Having someone guide you is often a necessity to survive in this world, especially at a time like this.

If you’re interested, please inbox me.😘🙏🏿