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COVID & Dating — Tips to survive

Ladies, I’m not sure about you but if one more man asks me if I need any eggs, bread, or milk I will die, LOL!

With so much going on, I’ve had lots of long phone conversations with my friends about this whole COVID-19 and, let’s just say the tables have turned. A lot of my guy friends who are single are getting more interested in long-term relationships. While, on the other hand, some of my married friends are feeling a bit smothered since they are being forced to spend each and every moment with their partner. Let’s face it, even with the best of relationships, we all like having our a little “me time.”

As for myself and many of my single female friends, we are appreciating this time to clear our minds and decide what type of relationship really is aligned with our life goals.

Tips for couples:

  • To get some personal time, try saying, “Hey, honey, from 4 to 6 I’m going to be reading this book but after that let’s make dinner together. That way, you’re not making your partner feel like you don’t want to be bothered but at the same time, you’re creating some time and space for yourself.
  • Remember that everyone responds differently to stress. Talk about how you are really feeling about COVID -19.
  • Try to do at least one fun activity together a day. Maybe, a little morning stretching, or playing cards, or playing “who knows who better.”

Tips for single people:

  • Instead of focusing on how being single sucks, especially right now, clean out your closet and line up your “date night dresses.”
  • One of the things that really helps me decide what I need in my next relationship is to write down the things I liked about my last relationship.
  • Meditate on what the ideal relationship will look like for you. Many of us aren’t clear and end up in an unfulfilling relationship. Been there done that.