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Do I need more protein in my diet ?


Hey Dolls!

I am sure you know by now that a big part of shaping your body is eating a good amount of lean protein such as fish or chicken, especially if you’re trying to drop a couple of pounds. The real question is how much should you be eating? This depends on your personal goals. For example, my body requires a lot of protein because I teach cycling classes 10 times a week and lift heavy 5 days a week.

So here’s a short list to let you know if your body requires more protein…

  • You crave sugar. A big sign that your body needs more protein is if you start to crave sugar or if you never full after eating. The right amount of protein can help keep your blood sugar steady.
  • You can’t stay focused. Balanced blood sugar is needed for your brain to stay focused. When your body is lacking protein, your glucose levels are fluctuating constantly.
  • You lack energy all the time and feel like you can’t get enough sleep or enough coffee.
  • You’re always sick. Believe it or not, a good amount of protein can play a big role in your immune system. So keep a close eye out for how often you have a cold or infection.

P.S. One good rule of thumb is to eat 5 times a day and include 4 to 6 ounces of protein with each meal.

- XOXO, Wasidah

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