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Do you need BCAAs?


If your anything like me your probably thinking what  the hell are BCAAs ? because I should did before I start bodybuilding . BBCAs are Branched-chain amino acids, are three amino acids that play a  role in your body’s day to day function and also have a big  impact on your workout performance results. .Many of us are hitting the gym hoping  to build  a tightener more toned muscles, but at same time  burn fat and build strength. Of course  you need more that just BCAAs to get the body you want but , when combined with exercise and clean eating ,  these branched-chain amino acids can definitely have an impact on your training and recovery -which is the next best thing. Taking BCAA before and after training helps reduce the soreness  that can come from a good workout.
- XOXO, Wasidah



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