Don’t Be Afraid To Chase Your Dreams!

Listening To Your Inner Voice…Don’t Be Afraid To Chase Your Dreams!
 Wasidah here, hope this message finds you all doing great!
I moved here to New York ten years ago with the intent of going into fashion. I worked at Macy’s, I did some independent styling jobs that I truly enjoyed, but when I decided I wanted to switch my focus I remember my mother having an absolute fit! My friends were even like, ‘Changing jobs? With the recession going on?’ I soldiered on and did it anyway, and while it didn’t exactly work out as I thought it did, things still went well and it all worked out and made me a better person.
We tend to go to others for input, asking ‘What do you think I should do?’ Remember, the answers are already there, inside of you. We’ve got to remember to listen to that inner voice, and to trust that voice. Everyone’s going to have an opinion, and oftentimes those opinions are based in fear (‘You might not make it! I didn’t chase my dream, don’t you dare chase yours!’). To me, it’s worse to not go after your goals because then you’re left with that ‘What If’, that feeling of never knowing what could have been. Ten years ago I had a co-worker who made amazing cupcakes and we all felt she’d do great with her own company. She didn’t do it, and now there are like ten million cupcake companies and I think to myself, ‘Man, that could’ve been her’. Maybe at that moment the timing wasn’t right for her, but at the same time you can’t hold onto the safety net of relying on the opinions of others or worrying about what others will think. Everyone’s going to have an opinion, remember to listen to your inner voice and do what works for you. Remember that we are either Winning or Learning, NEVER Losing.
Have a terrific day, guys, stay positive!


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