Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union: There are many paths to motherhood

I know most of you have seen the tweets cracking jokes on Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union  for cuddling with a baby that they conceived via a surrogate. The internet has no chill! If any of you laughed at those tweets you need to check out the interview below that Dwyane and Gabrielle did with Oprah– it really puts everything in perspective. 



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Watching this interview makes me feel SUPER triggered. Especially as I reflect back on my struggles with getting pregnant. I definitely remember feeling sad and depressed and feeling like I was less than a woman for not being able to get pregnant easily. 

I got so sick and tired of my friends telling me it was just going to happen if I was patient. I also got really upset with my husband for not sympathizing enough to come with me to all my many doctor’s appointments, which really made me feel like it was all my problem and not our problem. 

It’s funny that when I stopped caring so much and trying so hard, that’s when I actually ended up pregnant. But that’s also when my mom admitted that she was starting to think maybe I just couldn’t get pregnant. Thanks, mom! LOL! 

Anyway, I really appreciate the way Dwayne supported his wife and helped her feel like she was more than enough– baby or no baby.

It’s important that we continue to show black love. That we see black men loving their wives and nurturing them. All too often the media shows images of black men who are not interested in black women and not willing to love and nurture them and stand up for them when it’s needed.

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