EVENT RECAP: FoundHERS with Rosie O’Neil

Hey guys!

Last week, I checked out the FoundHERS Speakers Series! It’s a monthly series of fireside chats with super successful women. The February speaker was Rosie O’Neil, the co-founder of Sugarfina, a luxury candy boutique. She was really inspiring and I tried to soak up all the knowledge I could– homegirl was dropping jewels!


First, she suggested that women supporting other women by asking them how they can help each other move forward. If you think of giving as having the same energy as receiving, all your efforts will come back to you. Tip? Help each other!


She also talked about the fact that her mental health began to slip while she was building her multi-million dollar empire. She didn’t tell us what she was eventually diagnosed with but I thought it was super honest of her to share that detail. Being an entrepreneur can definitely drive you crazy– take it from me! LOL! Tip? Always take care of your mental health.


She was honest about how little money her company made in the beginning too. Tip? You have to stick with it and be willing to start over– even if that means you have to start over as an unpaid intern. Learn the ropes on someone else’s dime.


Love and marriage was a big topic too. When she started her company, she and her husband were just dating. As you can imagine, the new business put a lot of strain on the relationship. Her advice to us was, first, decide if you’re going to work together. Just because you’re together doesn’t mean you have to work together. If you DO decide to work together, however, be very clear about who is supposed to do what. In her case, she’s more of the creative person and he’s more of the numbers guy. That balance works for them as long as they don’t overlap too much. Tip? Not every romantic union is built for a business partnership.


The FoundHERS Speakers Series is sponsored by the XO Group— you should definitely check it out!