Fancy Undies and a Pie in the Oven isn’t gonna keep him from Straying.

Being ‘incomplete’ puts pressure on your mate when in reality neither he nor anyone else can make you happy. As I approach two fulfilling years of marriage…and thinking about the concept of having a significant other ‘complete you’ I have to ask, are single women walking around ‘incomplete’? No! You are already complete–emotionally and physically. The key is to find a mate that compliments you and vice versa. And it’s important not to be friends before rushing into a relationship.  Don’t have the man pick you as if you’re sitting on a store shelf. You too have a say so during the courting stage.
When I met my husband, I had a clear image of what I wanted. When I was younger I met different guys that appealed to the many different sides of me. At the end of the day, those experiences helped clear my vision on what I truly needed to be happy and reciprocating that happiness. Needing a mate to ‘complete’ you implies that there’s something lacking, and that’s not the case ladies. Erase that thought from your mind. And stop listening to old wives’ tales on how to make your mate happy. Fancy undies and a pie in the oven isn’t gonna keep him from straying. Having lived on my own since the age of 20 and facing the responsibilities of life head on, I learned to embrace the inner strength that I already had and gained greater maturity and insight. Approaching marriage with a mature mindset means accepting that there will be sacrifices–we may differ on making Friday night plans, however, we still respect each other’s opinion. I’ll sometimes skip an early workout  to start his day off with an ‘I love you’ as he heads out the door. It’s all about that healthy balance and approaching your marriage with sincere love and maturity. My husband doesn’t complete me–he’s just the icing on an already fabulous cake.
Find that strong independence within yourself, and that will be the first step towards mutual happiness with the right person–you’ll already have tons of happiness when you meet him.

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