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Foods for low sperm count

Last week, I wrote about infertility and I was super surprised (but not really) by some of the comments.

Some men suggested that maybe women should go back to the old days of working less, being home more, and focusing on having babies earlier in life. You know the drill. Picturing women standing around in a kitchen apron, making biscuits waiting for their man to be the sole provider. Let me start off by adding a few things that I didn’t mention in my last post.

First, I ended up pregnant accidentally after giving up on my relationship and choosing to focus on me and my mental health by taking more yoga classes, eating more fresh fruits, and getting more rest.

Second, I had also just exited my relationship which was definitely the worst time to find out that I was pregnant.

Third, one of the things I found out during the period when I was trying to conceive was that men can have a low sperm count– that’s an issue I was not familiar with.

One of the things we don’t talk about enough is the lack of support women have in today’s society, even though it’s 2020. This often affects women’s choice to have children or not have children or when to have them, such as returning back to work and not being respected, or being demoted, or being fired.

Not to mention, I know many women tend to be less comfortable asking for help, such as a postpartum doula, a nanny, or a night nurse … we’ve all been taught to see getting help as a White thing, or as a sign of weakness. We live in a society were typically you need to have two incomes and women should not be comfortable allowing their spouse to handle all the expenses on their own.

Things happen. Divorces. Job loss. Illness. Anything. Look, a woman’s got to always be in a position to hold her own, at least from my perspective. At the end of the day, most important, conceiving a baby is a thing for a couple to do together, it’s not just a woman’s job.

Speaking of which, men and women both have to eat healthy, get proper rest, and strive for a balanced life. For men, here are some foods that men can eat to boost their sperm.

1. Dark chocolate contains arginine, an amino acid that can improve sperm count.

2. Pomegranate juice. The antioxidants in pomegranate juice can boost testosterone levels.

3. Vitamin D is a nutrient that can also boost testosterone levels.