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Foods that Help Fight Cellulite


Hey, Dolls!

I am all about being Thick Fit, but I hate to see cottage cheese on my chocolate thighs… soooo not cute! So here’s a short list of some cellulite fighting foods that help keep me smooth:

  1. WATER – Alhough not technically a food, water is shown to be the most effective solution in reducing the appearance  of cellulite. So with that being said… Drink up, and add a little lemon!
  2. HEALTHY FATS –  Nuts, seeds, avocado, and olive oil can actually help with weight loss & cellulite. Plus, they’re all delicious in a salad!
  3. SALMON & MACKEREL –  Oily fish contains fatty acids which help your body metabolise fat, and when you lose fat, you usually lose cellulite in the process.

Remember Dolls – Keep it tight!

- XOXO, Wasidah


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