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Girl, Don’t Starve Yourself — A few tips for new moms


Last week, I spent time visiting some of my recent client-moms.

Believe it or not, sometimes they totally forget to eat and shower and do normal, everyday things. That’s because taking care of a baby is really challenging– babies are demanding as fuck! LOL!

That’s why I like to bring some kind of soup with me. Soup is really good for moms. In fact, many cultures believe that moms should have soup for the first 40 days after having a baby. That way mom can feed herself easily while healing her body.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that, once new moms feel somewhat okay, they forget to heal from the inside out. All new moms really need to slow down and take it slow despite the fact that American society encourages moms to bounce back ASAP.

Here are a few of my tips for new mothers:

1. It’s ok to not accept visitors right away. Remember that you need to focus on healing and taking care of your baby.

2. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you need help– especially when they’re coming to visit the baby. Ask them to bring something you need with them. Food, in particular

3. It’s ok to put the baby down for one minute to grab a bite, even if it means them watching kids videos for 5 minutes.

4. Most important, remember that you are already doing a great job!

My tips for visitors:

1. Bring the new mom her favorite food!

2. Double-check to see if the scheduled visiting time still works for her, because she probably had no idea how little sleep she would be getting. LOL!

3. Before running to pick up the baby and pinch it’s cheeks, be respectful. First, ask the mom how she’s feeling and how the birth went.