Give More … To Get More

Recently, a friend unexpectedly helped me out, even though things were pretty tight for her too. Honestly, I was so moved by this that It made me think about the nature of giving and receiving.

I think we often forget that the act of giving opens us up to receive. Think of it like money. When you get your paycheck, you can afford to fill your plate to overflowing. When your plate is full and your pockets are filled with cash, you don’t mind sharing what you have. But you know how it works! By the time it’s time for your next paycheck, your funds are low, your plate is nearly empty and you don’t want to give anyone anything. LOL! And doesn’t it always seem like this is exactly the moment when people need us the most??

I know it’s hard, but if you can push past the reflex to contract and hoard your money, you just might open yourself to a path of more abundance. People often say that the act of giving and expressing gratitude clears the way for more of everything– more light, more love and more opportunities to receive.

So, next time a friend is in need, give freely, without any thought of lack or limitation and watch your life be blessed because of it.

- XOXO, Wasidah

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