Giving Back In Philly! – Editing

Yep, just like Jill Scott, I’m from Philly!

A few weeks ago, I went home to see family and, while I was there, I set up an event to give back to the community I grew up in. It was a beautiful feeling to be back in Philly– there’s nothing like being back home.

The event was held in a daycare center owned by my cousin and it was dedicated to entrepreneurship. I focused on letting go as my theme.

After we meditated we talked about the  importance  of having a healthy environment ,friends that really love and support you whether you’re trying to birth a baby or a business.

While I was home, I noticed that the area is going through gentrification. And, while I’m super happy to see areas like Philly and Harlem grow and develop, I’m also disappointed to see that all these new yoga studios and meditation classes in the area are priced so high that the minority community is often priced out.

That’s why it’s so important for me to tighten up on my skills and share them with the community. For this event, I exposed the attendees to both a few meditation techniques and to singing bowls- that create a soothing, relaxing sound.

It was a great event! And I loved that a few men came out– that definitely changes the energy for the better. And so did that cute little dog in my hands. 🙂