Giving Back: Pizza Party!


It’s a pizza party, yall!

I normally do events with just the moms this time I decided to incorporate the children by creating a fun event where they will be able to take their mind away from the stress and learn something new at the same time. One thing I think we need to get back to as a society is a sense of community and togetherness.

Throughout the event, I was overjoyed to watch the children helping one another. Often when I do these events, the women speak to are feeling extremely stressed out and have developed some type of illness.

Stress can bring about anything from a common cold to cancer, believe it or not. One of the things I find interesting is that often mothers can pass their own stress on to their children subconsciously, which is why it was important for me to host this event. I wanted the women and children to move their bodies to take their mind away from daily negative thoughts.

Shelters usually have time limits for residents, giving each family from three to six months find a new apartment and job. My ultimate goal has always been to serve women and teach them how to become more healthy and happy. When I do this type of work, I feel like I am picking up where my ancestors left off.

Iā€™m creating a space for women to be better mothers, better friends, and better coworkers but none of that can happen if these women don’t learn to love themselves first!