Go With The Yoga Flow


When I first moved to NYC, it was in the midst of a recession. Not the best timing, I know. So, to keep my stress level low I decided to join Yoga Works. Of course, being the Leo woman that I am, I figured I could skip a few levels and start at level 3 but as soon as I showed up I saw people on either side of me doing handstands. Yes, handstands!


“Uh oh,” I thought, wanting to run and hide in the corner. I definitely wasn’t ready but as the class went on I discovered that it was more about what I was bringing to the mat and that yoga moves differently for everyone. Soon, I forgot about needing to do a headstand or trying to keep up with everyone.


Recently however I was in a class at Manhattan athletic club and a clam yoga instructor encouraged me to try a headstand. And guess what, I did it!


I hopped right into it without pushing or anxiety. I think I was mainly because I wasn’t pressed about it. This time, I just let it flow instead of forcing it.


So, what’s my takeaway? Simple. What we force never happens but what flows happens easy.