Good Hair Tells The Truth


Recently, I was taking a good look at my hair. Yeah, I know it sounds funny but, listen, you can tell a lot by a woman’s hair! I mean, a year ago my hair was awful. It was brittle and dry and the ends were breaking off every minute. Why? Because I was stressed! Super stressed. At the time, I was basically homeless. No, I wasn’t living in a shelter or anything but I was sofa surfing while I waited for my domestic life to settle down. Let me tell you, divorce ain’t no joke. Plus, while I was relying on the kindness of my friends, I found out that I was pregnant– a huge blessing but really bad timing considering my circumstances at the time. Now, less than a year later, I’m settled, I’m feeling good and looking good. And, guess what? My hair is showing it. Good hair don’t lie. So for anyone going through a tough time, just remember that the hard part is only here for a season. Stay hopeful. Stay faithful. Keep praying. Kepp pushing. Keep moving. Things will change for you soon enough. I promise.

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