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Help a woman in October!

October is domestic violence month.

I’m not sure how it happened, but this summer I created 8 new workshops all dedicated to helping women. Check them out via the “workshops” link above.

These workshops are focused on teaching women about self-love and self-care, whether they are working in corporations or living in shelters.

Yeah, I’m pretty obsessed with helping women. LOL! One of the main reasons for that obsession is the fact that I grew up watching the women in my community seem more and more run down. Some of them even looked like they were withering away.

Domestic violence month is quite special to me. I know way too many women who have suffered emotional or physical abuse. Unfortunately, minority women, in particular, seem to have been raised to accept abuse just to keep a man. Plus, emotional or financial abuse can sometimes lead to physical abuse.

If you never heard of financial abuse, what I mean by that is you might be financially dependent on someone else and that person is keeping you in control by using money. Like, “if you do that I’m not going to give you any more money.” That can be rough but you can always get help. It won’t be as bad as you think once you try to get out, sis.

Anyway, I thank God for one of my favorite aunts! She was always talking to me about 3 things: education, being in control of your own life, and helping other women.

Make sure you help out another woman in the month of October!