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How important sex is in a relationship??

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I bumped into a neighbor, an amazing attractive man, and I noticed a new girl on his arm. So at a more convenient time (that is when she wasn’t around)  you know me lol I decided to ask him about his old girlfriend of 3 years.
I ask, “Hey how’s the girlfriend?”, of course this is my nosy, “in your business for no good reason” side.
He glumly, responds, “We broke up.”
Of course I could put two and two together already from the new girl, but dug further into his business like a little old lady with nothing better to do.
Well, the reason they broke up was because she was bad in bed.
This led me to suggest a number of solutions to what sounded like a completely solvable problem.
“Did you buy her any sexy lingerie?”
“Yeah, but after a couple times she would go back to t-shirts and grandma panties.”
“Well, did you sit down and have a frank discussion about your feelings about this?”
“Yeah I know, but I just couldn’t believe she wouldn’t wear lingerie every night.”
What surprised me about the rest of his description of his relationship was that the everything else about the ex-girlfriend was perfect and the only thing about the new girlfriend he really liked was her sexual prowess and how she turned him on. Maybe he should have taken advantage of different lingerie discount codes and kept buying her lingerie, haha!
Anyway, this led me to question how important sex is in a relationship??
I believe if your good in  bed you can teach a person …
p.s. thanks god I am good in bed lol


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