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How to soak that soreness away!!

4 DIY baths for post workout recovery
Hey guys not sure about you but nothing drives me more crazy than
the fact that I’m sore on Wednesday from my Monday leg workout.
So here are a couple of bath recipes to help get me through my
weekly workout without pausing.
Ginger Bath:
Add ½ a cup of freshly grated ginger or a rounded teaspoon of ginger powder in hot or warm water and soak for 15-20 minutes. Please remember that the ginger bath will make you sweat profusely for at least an hour afterwards, so wear a bathrobe or sweat clothes.
Peppermint Oil Detox Bath:
Dissolve Salt, Epsom salt, and baking soda in boiling water in a quart size jar and set aside. Fill tub with warm/hot water and add apple cider vinegar. Pour salt mixture in and add peppermint oil. It is an essential oil that is known for calming the nerves and has a rejuvenating effect as well.
Sea Salt Detox Bath:
A salt bath is one of the oldest baths out there, and has been used for decades to help people relax. But did you also know that the salt itself can help to pull toxins out of the body, as well as provide extra benefits to your skin?
Hydrogen Peroxide Detox Bath:
Also referred to as an oxygen detox bath, the use of hydrogen peroxide gives it plenty of healing properties. For starters it helps your body get rid of toxins, providing that detoxifying effect you’re going for. The recommended soaking time is a 30 minutes, so enjoy and don’t forget to calm the mind while you’re in there.


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