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I Get It From My Momma

Hey guys! It’s your girl, Wasidah, and today I wanna talk to you about genetics. Some of you have asked me about how to become curvy and voluptuous even though your parents and grandparents are super thin. Likewise, a few of you have been asking me what it takes to go from curvy to thin.

Weeelllll, let me tell you, when I was bodybuilding I learned a LOT about shaping your body. In case you didn’t know, yes, I was a body builder! See the pics!?

Want to know my secret? It’s really all about food. Yes, food. Whether you’re trying to size your body up or down I have two tips for helping you create the body that you want.


  1. Food. Eat five times a day. Yeah, I know that seems like a lot but you can do it! In order to eat this many meals a day you’ll have to plan ahead and you’ll need to eat smaller portions. For each meal try to emphasize protein and veggies. And cut down on snacks or you won’t want to each your next scheduled meal.
  2. Water. Drink a gallon of water a day. Ok, so you already know that you’ll be running to the bathroom (lol!) but your body will eventually get used to it. Just don’t try to drink a gallon in one sitting. Space it out throughout the day. Water is amazing! It will help you lose weight, clear your skin up and overall make you feel better. Trust.


The best advice I have, however, is that you should try to improve the canvas that you already have. When I started bodybuilding, I really thought I wanted a new version of me but I learned that all I really needed to do was improve the body that I already had.

If you work out regularly and follow my two tips above, you will absolutely create the best body that you’re capable of having. And that’s really all you can ask for. Just work on you!

Talk to you soon!

- XOXO, Wasidah




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