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Inner strength


Inner strength

Do you ever realize what the women today are capable of? When it comes to being compared with men, I personally feel that women are stronger. I am not talking about the physical strength here. It is obvious that men have been made much stronger physically as compared to men. What I am referring to is the emotional and mental strength, nobody can beat a woman in that.

The best thing about the twenty-first century women is that she does not care what the world has to say about her, she keeps on striving hard and continues with achieving her goals one after the other. No matter what part of the world we live in or what financial status we have, we are still governed by some male chauvinistic ideas in our lives.

The only and the most impactful way of combating these notions is in the hands of the women themselves. They must stand for themselves in every situation and on every ground, even if it means standing against the same gender.

Every move and every style of a woman must emit confidence from her personality. Her dress, her shoes, and even her accessories must create such an impact of her presence that people should be able to realize her inner strength. It is very important to carry yourself in a way that automatically attracts positive attention and admiration from the public.

Have a look at me? My dress has vibrant colors like orange and blue in it which cause my personality to shine. The energy in my dress is exhibited in my personality as well. It is my own choice what parts of my body I want to reveal and which ones I want to hide. Whether I let my hair flowing or tie them in the bun, they show my confidence and the fact that I am ready to take over the world.

If you go and ask Cinderella she will definitely make you believe that the right shoe can actually change your whole world. If you’ll ask me, I shall replace the word shoe with heels over here. For me, the sound that heels make when they touch the ground is the symbol of the confidence of a woman. The right chorus of the steps shows that this woman is ready to prove herself in the world. Do you even think that guys can wear heels and perfect that gait? I really don’t think so!

All women are naturally beautiful. Accessories and makeup only serve to enhance their beauty. The bracelet and the ring that I am wearing are very simplistic in nature but they actually serve to make my presence more noticeable in the community.

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