January Blues

With every New Year’s Eve comes a whole new list of personal goals. But with that list also comes a whole bunch of new anxieties and disappointments. My January kicked off with a bang! Things were falling into place left and right. Even goals that I forgot about were falling into formation. Listen, I was living my BEST life. I was happy! But by the second or third week of January, it all fell apart and I panicked.


I realized I was being called to stand still and meditate. Once I did that I saw that I wasn’t able to move forward any further because I was still holding onto the past. I jumped into action and started cleaning out my closet. I even used sage on myself and my space. I cleansed myself with oil and shea butter and really took time to center myself.


After that, I took the time to revisit my goals to determine the MAIN intention of the movements I’ve been making with being a doula and working with women. I had to think about my intention– the point of it all. To help, I rewrote my goal list. I think it’s very important to write down your goals to keep track of where you are headed.


Here are three tips to help you get back on track if you feel like your New Year isn’t popping the way you want it to:

  1. Don’t worry if the route towards your goal isn’t looking the way you want it to. Sometimes it won’t be A, then B, then C. Don’t worry about it.
  2. Only do things that you would do for free. That’s a good way to see of you’re living your life in a positive way and choosing activities that make you happy.
  3. Keep people around you who are going to encourage you and tell you it’s going to happen for you– not people who tell you that you should give up or try something else.