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Keep Your Vagina Happy & Healthy


Hey ladies, hope you’re having a fun and fabulous day.As I’m sure many of you  know I am all about living a healthy lifestyle versus medications and  doctor visits. A big topic of discussion has been how to keep ours vaginas happy& healthy ! here’s a short list of some friendly fresh foods to help keep your vagina  Smiling .

1# Vaginal dryness can happen when reduced levels  of estrogen ,which is need to help keep the tissues elastic and well lubricated.Certain allergy or cold medications can cause your estrogen levels to drop, edamame contain estrogen .

2#Fish is not only packed  protein but can also help with cramping because of it high level of omega-3 fatty acids that can help boast anti-inflammatory compounds .

3# Sweet potatoes contain tons of vitamins A which help keep vaginal  and uterine  walls healthy ,not to mention they also help us produce energy hormones and reproductive functioning.

4  Who does like a kale salad? since the benefits are such thing as  better  blood circulation .

P.S. Selflove is the more important love …

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