Keeping It Sexy … Even While Pregnant









Hey guys!

So, I saw this super cute post on FashionBombDaily recently. It was a picture of Remy Ma, the rapper, looking fly and fab even though she’s about to give birth. Her quote reads, “I wanted people to see that I’m literally due in 17 days, and you can still be cute, have fun, and look popping,”

Yasss, queen! Now I feel like Remy is a friend in my head (LOL!) because her message ties in with my brand perfectly. Yep, I’m a doula but I’m not just about bringing babies into the world, I’m also about creating the most fantastic environment for my clients to be alllll the way snatched– in every possible way.

Remy looks glamorous sexy and comfortable and pregnant– all at the same time. And I know every new mom inst trying to be out here in red stilettos and a skin glitter LOL! But I’m all for making my clients look and feel good about themselves before and after the baby.

That’s where my previous skills as a personal trainer and a fashion stylist come into play. I keep my clients fit with personalized workouts and I keep them fly with specific fashion suggestions.

Having a baby? Let’s talk. I can help you get it right and keep it tight in 2019.



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