Love The Body You’re In … Now!

People tend to think because I’m in the fitness Industry that I must have issues with thicker women. Far from it! I come from a family of plus-sized women who raised me to love the body I’m in, no matter how it changes over time.


No one embodies that spirit more than this woman right here! I love her to the fullest. We met on my recent trip to Aruba and we talked about love, life, romance, and relationships. Her energy was both sexy and sassy. She was super confident and in love with herself … as all women should be!

To hell with waiting until you lose the extra pounds, or until you finally get a new man, or until you find your dream job, or until … whatever! Stop waiting for tomorrow. Just make the decision to fall in love with yourself right now. If you choose to love yourself now, without waiting, I promise you that life will get so much easier for you.

- XOXO, Wasidah

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