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Me & Gabourey Sidibe Think Alike!

Recently, I was blessed to have the opportunity to be a guest at the amazing Bottomless Closet 20th Anniversary Spring Luncheon!

Bottomless Closet is one of the organizations where I have the opportunity to teach other women how to rebuild and transition their lives through meditation and visualization.

Speaking of which, there’s actually a lot of transition and rebuilding happening in my own life! Over the past few years, I’ve changed in many ways. For example, I never thought that becoming a doula and doing workshops for women would change me but, through doing that work, I’ve learned the importance of creating space for myself and setting boundaries. This is very important because much of the work I do is about advocating for women.

Some of the things that actress Gabourey Sidibe shared, really resonated with me, like the importance of looking good and feeling good from the inside out. She talked about how that self-confidence really affects your mindset and goals

Honestly, I feel super blessed to have a career that allows me to create space for women, whether it’s being a birth doula, a postpartum doula, delivering a baby, taking care of a mom after childbirth, or leading workshops that teach women how to transition and rebuild their lives!