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MY Big FAT Thighs..


Not sure if you ladies know this  or not but the main reason I started working out  was to learn how to shape  my big thighs .As a  teenager I  hated having such big thighs especially because they were super noticeable with me only being  4/10.  Joining the gym make me realized  that I didn’t mind  having such  big thighs but,need  to learn how to give them shape and definition. I started my fitness journey  when I was 20 which was the beginning  of me learning how to  tight and tone my thighs . Here a few of my favorite tips to help tight and tone thighs.

1# I hate to say this but  a little extra cardio can really help burning calories!! which is what need when it come to tight & tone thighs, anything from biking to running  for 60mins  5 times a week will work.

2# Go deep !! The best way to not lean out to much and lose you booty is incline on the treadmill or my favorite the stair master which help tone your overall legs shape .

3#Drink more water and try  to ditch juices & soda which is a good  for your health in general.

4# Please stop skipping meals!!, eating every 2 to 3 hour really helps jumpstart your metabolism which is great for reducing you body fat..
- XOXO, Wasidah


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