My First Birth!

I’ve been pretty emotional for the last few days because my first birth is away month. Uhm, no, I’m not pregnant. LOL! I mean, my first birth as a doula!


I’ve known my first doula client for almost 10 years. We met back when we were both working in the retail industry. She has been a tremendous supporter ever since. She was my first personal training client, my first prenatal client and now she will be my first client as a newly certified doula. And I couldn’t ask for a better representation of what I want my business to represent. I want my doula service to be about helping women be beautiful, sexy and strong– before, during and after pregnancy. The attached picture says it all! I love the fact that my client is rocking a glittery wrap and six-inch Gucci heels at eight months pregnant! Yeeeesss, girl! Being preggers doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy.

One of the many things I enjoy about being a birthing doula is the opportunity to create an environment that allows a woman to feel safe and comforted. But since I come from a fitness and fashion background, I want my clients to feel fit and look fabulous too. No oversized MuMu dress and flip-flops here– no sir! I’m going to have my clients hitting the gym so they can bounce back to their pre-pregnancy body easily and I’ll have them wearing high-end fashion because looking good is feeling good.


As an added bonus, this whole experience has led me to practice meditation and prayer more often so that I can be grounded mentally and physically. I have to keep myself centered so that I can keep other people centered.


I hope my first client agrees! I can’t wait to be there for her.

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