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My four favorite healthy places to eat in NYC

Angelica’s Kitchen
Now you guys all know that I am far from a vegetarian and especially with my addiction to seafood and grilled barbecue chicken. But next to a neon sign advertising an Italian restaurant is a small, but somewhat famous vegan restaurant on 12th street between 4th and 3rd ave called Angelica’s kitchen. This first thing to note is that they only accept cash, but they have an ATM machine in a tiny foyer before entering the main dining area. There are several staple appetizers and desserts. My favourites are the kale salad and southern corn bread along with the pineapple cake. But what sets them apart are the whimsically named entrees which are protein rich, filling, tasty and varied.
Good Health Natural
If you’re looking to pick up a quick and healthy sandwich, wrap or salad I recommend giving the strangely named, tiny but convenient and delicious “Good Health Natural” on 1st Ave between 74th and 75th a try. Their menu is varied and includes chicken and salmon entrees, but their vegan, low sodium and low fat dishes are all tasty and satisfying.  They are also fairly inexpensive, but have limited seating so consider them for a sexy take-out option. They also have delicious low fat and low sugar desserts such as pies and tarts.
Digg Inn
Sprinkled throughout Manhattan is a new chain restaurant with the theme of fast, vegetable heavy, lunch options called Digg Inn.  I frequent the location on 52nd between Lexington and 3rd Ave next to two not so healthy take-out options (which shall remain nameless). If you remember the soup Nazi from Seinfeld, then you’ll get a sense of the tough love, no nonsense service during lunchtime.  But with a choice of grain or leafy green, followed by tofu, wild salmon, chicken and beef along with three vegetable options that range from quinua to kale and carrots to roasted brussel sprouts, to swiss chard you can always find something to tickle you palate.  All their options are prepared fresh and with little fat or sodium.  Some of their side dishes are from local farms as well. Finally, they have a selection of soups and shakes.
If you’re feeling for a nice sit down restaurant on the upper west side with sexy ambiance, but want to keep your waistline down visit the guilt-free Josie’s which has the distinction of offering your guilty pleasures prepared as healthy as possible.  They’re innovative menu has even come up with un-fried French fries (they call them air fried).  Their menu offers many vegetarian dishes and a few vegan ones as well along with standard seafood, fish, chicken and beef options.  Their non-vegetarian meals generally use grass fed and free range beef and chicken and they offer wild salmon.  Their desserts can be decadent, but they offer small portions.


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