My next event!

I am super excited about teaching my next class! It’s dedicated to mommies of all kinds– current mommies, wanna be mommies, new mommies, and all of the above. 🙂

After a light brunch, I’m going to lead them in some light stretching to clear out the body and some meditation to clear out the mind. Then, I’m going to talk to the attendees about how to clear their mental and physical space to really get themselves ready for pregnancy. People always think it’s just about the body and diet, but it’s really about the whole environment.

Since I’m both a doula and a personal trainer, I’ll be doing a Q&A covering both of these areas … plus fashion. The event will be at Aleta, which has a bunch of cute clothes for pregnant women. Got to keep it cute, ladies!

The event is free and open to the public– and I’ll even be giving away gift bags with some samples of my body cream and scrub in them. 🙂

Interested?! Come through. I’m hoping to make it a monthly event.