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My “Rogue” weekend in CT

I had the pleasure of driving the Nissan Rogue Sport SL to a beautiful resort in Connecticut called the Mayflower Grace. First of all it came with an electic lime green paint job that made it pop; all my neighbors had to do double takes on my tree lined suburb.  The Rogue Sport is 12 inches shorter that the Rogue, but as a driver you won’t feel the difference because the rear seat was legroom was reduced 4 inches and the trunk space was made slightly smaller to make up the size difference.  The ride and handling is smooth and the design makes the car stick to road on tight turns.  All major controls for the stereo and cruise control on on the steering wheel and all major controls are easily accessible.  The seat adjustment is automatic which was different from my current car and the sun roof was luxurious on a bright spring day.
The sunroof was just one of several features that make the Sl standout from the SV (a lower price model with the same size, engine and transmission).  The SL has leather seats, a front camera/radar collision detection system and 19″ tire rims that are also sexier then the SV’s.

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