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On Being My Own Boss aka a Boss Babe!

Hey guys! It’s your favorite fitness and fabulous guru, Wasidah.

So, listen, my little cousin got me thinking the other day. She was late to work and got written up so she was complaining about having to answer to someone and was thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, like me.

Now, you know I had to tell her that it NOT that easy. And that got me thinking about the differences between being an being in business for yourself and working for someone else.

Not long ago, I worked in corporate America as a fashion buyer and I enjoyed all the perks that come with that. Like a 7-minute tardiness grace period that I took FULL advantage of (LOL!), paid vacation time off, plus I was winning awards and making good money!

But, now, working for myself, it’s very different. I don’t have that same level of security. I can’t just shuffle through the day without it affecting my paycheck. These days, if I slack off, I might lose a paying client or a steady gig. I have a lot more freedom now but to keep that freedom, I have to hustle!

Speaking of hustling, I’ve been using what little free time I have to create a whole new line of beauty products! I bet you didn’t know that I’ve been making my own body scrub and cream for years now!

I know, right? I’m full of surprises.

Anyway, t all started when I went back to college after working in the real world. By then, I’d already developed a love for spa days and pampering myself but, once I went back to school, money was too tight for me to enjoy all of the sexy activities I was used to. My solution? Learn how to make beauty products myself!

That’s how Wasidah’s Coconut & Coffee Body Scrub and Cream were born. Now, it’s definitely been a long journey to get theses products out and available but it’s finally done!

Wanna learn more? You’re in luck! My signature line of custom beauty scrubs and creams is available now! And it only took 2 years to get them finished!

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