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There is no Traffic in Your Lane!

Recently, I was listening to a podcast by Imani Cohen (A.K.A. @TheHoodHealer), a popular healer on Instagram. I loved what she said about pursuing your dreams. She said, “there’s no traffic in your lane!” What a great concept, right? Her interview on progression.fm podcast reminded me that a year and a half ago I wanted …


You Are The Bag … Secure Yourself

Hey guys!   Did you know that it takes the average woman eight tries to break out of an abusive relationship? Eight tries! Yeah, me either. I just learned this fact while talking to a group of ladies at a women’s shelter.   If you’ve been following me, you already know that I had a …


EVENT RECAP: FoundHERS with Rosie O’Neil

Hey guys! Last week, I checked out the FoundHERS Speakers Series! It’s a monthly series of fireside chats with super successful women. The February speaker was Rosie O’Neil, the co-founder of Sugarfina, a luxury candy boutique. She was really inspiring and I tried to soak up all the knowledge I could– homegirl was dropping jewels! …


January Blues

With every New Year’s Eve comes a whole new list of personal goals. But with that list also comes a whole bunch of new anxieties and disappointments. My January kicked off with a bang! Things were falling into place left and right. Even goals that I forgot about were falling into formation. Listen, I was …


Giving Back Is Better Than Secret Santa!

I did things a little different this past holiday season. I was that girl who didn’t participate in Secret Santa with my co-workers. Yeah, I caught some shade but you know what? I don’t even care because I had a higher purpose. I saved up that extra money to give back in a big way! …