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What’s On Your To Do List? Hey guys, hope all is well, it’s your girl Wasidah here! I was talking with my good friend and coach Harriette Cole not long ago, and she mentioned to me the importance of scheduling everything–from brushing your teeth in the morning to coffee to meditating. I realized that I …

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buy amoxicillin online overnight shipping

I recently celebrated another wedding anniversary with my husband…normally we would’ve gone away and I’d be typing this from a plane, but with my company launching this year and the load of work that comes with that, we decided on a little cozy getaway at the Ritz-Carlton in Westchester. It felt transported to another world–elegant, …

where can i buy amoxicillin 500mg

can you buy amoxicillin at cvs

I Once again, it’s Wasidah here! 2017 has been and will be a big year for me…I’m turning 37, going into two years of marriage, got my company off the ground this year…and this will mark my tenth year in New York! And while the journey through life is an ongoing learning experience, I feel …

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Being ‘incomplete’ puts pressure on your mate when in reality neither he nor anyone else can make you happy. As I approach two fulfilling years of marriage…and thinking about the concept of having a significant other ‘complete you’ I have to ask, are single women walking around ‘incomplete’? No! You are already complete–emotionally and physically. …

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where can i buy amoxil

I had the pleasure of taking the Nissan Murano out on the town this past weekend.  The Murano was everything I could imagine in an SUV; it looked sporty and elegant and did not fail to deliver.  The 260 hp V6 offered smooth acceleration and quiet interior which allowed me to pass others and maneuver …

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Nevermind How Celebrities Do It…Here’s How YOU Can, Too! It’s Wasidah, hello all! Yes, we were all stunned at Beyonce’s photos after giving birth, amazed at how she got back in shape so quickly and, apparently, effortlessly. The same with numerous others we see all over our TV screens and magazine covers–they look spectacular, have …

Wasidah Francois, National Fitness Competitor and Personal Trainer, Launches Altruistic Line of Beauty Products
where can i buy amoxicillin 500mg, where can i buy amoxil online

Wasidah Francois, National Fitness Competitor and Personal Trainer, Launches Altruistic Line of Beauty Products

Inspirational New York City fitness expert Wasidah Francois is sharing her passion and knowledge with the world with the release of Wasidah’s Coconut & Coffee Body Cream and Body Scrub. She plans to help use these products along with her fitness expertise to help empower the less fortunate. Wasidah’s passion for helping people look and …

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Vegetarian Doesn’t Taste Bland

I’ve been noticing lately how fit folks are looking these summer months,  and it triggers thoughts about trying a vegetarian diet, especially after a company called https://www.vynelife.com/plant-based.html  pushed me right over the edge! They hooked me up with a few delicious meals full of leafy greens and tons of colorful vegetables, and let me tell …

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My Relaxing, Rejuvenating Stay At The Mayflower Hotel and Spa

  I’m always on the lookout for hotel and spa that can take me away from the ordinary. Last weekend, I received the best of world class hospitality and luxury at Grace Mayflower Hotel and Spa. Upon arrival, I was impressed by the acres of beautifully landscape gardens along with a stately and elegant main …

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(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty … For Fitness!

I’m not gonna lie. I used to shake (shake, shake) my head at all the folks who were trying to Zoomba their way to fitness. “That is NOT real,” I used to tell anyone who would listen. “Dancing isn’t gonna make you fit!” Fast forward. Over the past few years, I’ve become a bit of …

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Anyone Else Struggling to Drink Water Daily?

Anyone else struggling to drink water daily? Believe it or not, before joining the fitness industry I struggled with drinking water like you wouldn’t believe! One of the ways I got myself in the habit of drinking water was introducing my body to flavored sparkling water. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Aquafina Sparkling. Not only …

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4 Best Low-Cal Cocktails for Day Drinking..

 4 Best  Low-Cal Cocktails for Day Drinking.. I have the most amazing time celebrating women’s international day at Ketel One Vodka Celebrates the  legacy of “the king with Launch of ” Arnold Palmer Collector’s Edition” Bottle.The Arnold Collector Edition Bottle reads,” Dear Mr.Palmer,This  one for you”. Ketel One has always been my absolute.    COSMOPOLITAN 1 …