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Personal Well-Being


Personal Well-Being

Life is fast paced nowadays. There are so many tasks to complete including meeting deadlines at your job and giving time to friends and family. However, the time seems limited and often we compromise the time needed for ourselves to utilize it for others. Some people find self-love as a selfish act. There is no doubt that living for others brings immense happiness but what about personal well-being.  We deserve a a peaceful mind. We can’t be there for others if we are not physically and mentally capable of it. We get so busy with our surroundings that we forget that we are important.

Our body, mind, heart and soul need our attention as much as friends and family. Some people neglect themselves for so long to keep others happy. At a certain time, people are not going to be dependent on you anymore and will move on. That is when we realize that we kind of lost ourselves on the way.

Make others happy; live for others but find some time in the day just for you. Do some soul searching and rediscover yourself. Solitude is not about being lonely; there is a great difference between being alone and feeling alone. Read a book, drink a cup of tea or coffee, listen to music, enjoy the nature, listen to the silence, write something, or perhaps just lay back and close your eyes. We need to give ourselves time because the mind and heart need rejuvenating.

Personal well-being is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Recharge yourself by using some time just for you and then use that energy to spread happiness among others. Don’t disconnect from yourself trying to survive in this competitive world. Remember your own dreams, chase them enthusiastically and learn to keep a balance.

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