Playing Hooky For Health

So, I just played hooky. Yep, just like high school all over again! LOL! Just kidding. I actually took three days off from work to really check on myself. I mean, it’s so important to relax and rejuvenate every once in a while. It makes everything else in your life easier.


Plus, it’s nice to be able to shed the mask. All of us wear masks of some kind. We hide our pain but the only person that hurts is us. We push ourselves to win almost to the breaking point. I’m here to tell you that mental health is key.


I remember when my therapist told me that I had some very serious decisions to make. Guess what I did? I stopped coming to therapy. LOL! But, sure enough, it all blew up in my face not long after that!


Based on my experience, here are my tips for better mental health.

  1. Honor your feelings. If you feel some kinda way, fess up and find someone who you can talk it out with. And if that means finding a therapist, so be it.
  2. Don’t’ get caught up. We all have our issues so don’t be pressed about what is or isn’t wrong with you. Just do what you need to do to get to a better place.
  3. Take it easy. Just about everyone around you is dealing with something that you can’t see. Be gentle with them and with you. Maybe they can help you or you can help them.