Put Yourself First

It’s Okay To Say ‘NO’ Sometimes…You’re NOT Flaking!
Hey guys, Wasidah here, hope you’re having a fun and fabulous day!
Just reflecting back on my mom and my observations as I grew up around her, watching and learning from her…she might at times plan to do something, say, two weeks out, and when that day arrived she might feel different and maybe change her mind about doing it. She had no problems at all saying, ‘Hey, I’m not up to that, I no longer want to do that.’ I would always feel like, ‘Mom, you promised them you’d do this or that, you’re flaking on them!’ I realized that was just me wanting to please everyone, putting others before myself and pushing my true feelings aside to satisfy whoever it might be. As I’ve grown older I realize how important it is to put yourself first in terms of happiness and to be okay with changing your mind. It’s perfectly fine to change your feelings about many things in life–friendships that no longer work for you (we can and do sometimes outgrow certain relationships), jobs, even making plans to go to a movie with friends. You might wake up that morning and feel that you need some ‘Me’ time, you need more rest, and you have to be secure enough within yourself to say ‘Hey, that’s not what I’m feeling today, I’ll catch you guys next time’. You have to feel comfortable enough to say ‘This friendship or this job is not benefiting me in a positive way anymore, it’s time for me to exit’. No explanations are necessary. Put yourself first and remember that when YOU are happy you radiate that happiness, that great light of positivity, and you help make the world a better place. Do what works for you and go with how YOU feel about a given situation.
Hope you guys have a great day, peace out!
- XOXO, Wasidah


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