Ride Or Die Chick? Nope, Not Me!


I totally agree with a recent post on Instagram by @poetic_style.

He recited a poem about the idea of “down chicks”– also known as ride or die chicks. What he suggests, basically, is that women should stay with a man through thick and thin but ONLY if he’s also pulling his weight and doing what he’s supposed to be doing. I couldn’t agree more!

I think that our mothers and grandmothers have passed down the idea of being celebrated and rewarded for staying in relationships. But once we get older, we find out that it’s not so easy to do. I mean, sometimes even “good men” are trifling in ways we wouldn’t expect. And if you tolerate disrespectful behavior without speaking up, it’s bound to get worse.

Too often, I hear women speak with pride about how long they’ve been in a marriage with the same man. Meanwhile, that same man has cheated, been abusive and/or lacked the ability to love her back. For some reason, these women are proud of their ability to tough it out when they should be livid about how they’re being treated.

Listen girl, you need to hear the poem for yourself. Listen to it yourself via this link:

Be a good woman, not a down chick

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